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We see the opportunity of investing property as a method of studying aboard. There is an increasing number of parents sending their children abroad for education, while they have to consider paying tuition fees and other living costs. Investing the properties of the city where their kids live is a reasonable choice with this opportunity. For example, as for the students who study bachlor's degree at UK, the house rent could afford most part of their cost for both study and living, even though, sometimes, there could be some extra profits when selling the property.


While this is very popular investment in

  • Low investment risk as the market is relatively stable
  • High investment return


B  Birmingham  Bristol

Birmingham (University of Birmingham)

Small Investor          £ 127,000

4 Bed House  Sale    £ 260,000

School District          £ 147,000

Birmingham (Birmingham City University)

Grand Square     from£ 74,900


Grand Square is a dual use student property...



Stylish House           £ 140,000

Prime Location Flat  £ 170,000

Birmingham (Aston University)

Orion Building          £ 222,000

Masshouse Plaza     £ 222,000

Single Apartment     £ 165,000

Bristol (University of Bristol)

Luxury Apartment     £410,000

Modern Flat for Sale £325,000

School District Flat   £340,000

C  Coventry

Coventry (University of Coventry)

Flat for Investment   £ 160,000

Luxury House           £ 135,000

Osbourne House      £ 165,000

L  Liverpool

Liverpool (University of Liverpool)

City Gate East          £ 119,950

3 Bed Town House   £ 115,000

Student Property from£69,950

M  Manchester

Manchester (University of Manchester)

Quality 2 bed Flat    £ 160,000

The Hub                     £ 175,000

Student Buy to Let     £ 65,000

N  Nottingham

Nottingham (University of Nottingham)

Fully Furnished Sale £140,000

Ready to Move         £136,000

2 Bed Flat                   £106,000

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